Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hope everyone is keeping warm! We are in the midwest in Iowa and it has been below zero during the day the last few days with a wind chill of 15 - 25 below

I'm looking forward to the January thaw so we can get some warmer temps going on!! Our house is warm and thankfully so far we haven't had any power outages.
I'm so looking forward to spring!! LOL

I've been  really lagging in doing much sewing. I need to find my mojo! There are a lot of thing quilty I'd like to do and get done.

About a month ago a neighbor asked if would like his late wife's quilt stuff. I said of course I would! They have been bringing me boxes and bins of quilt stuff every few days since then. I have sorted and shared a lot of it but I am still sending stuff out to share with friends. My living room will breathe a sigh of relief when I finally get it all gone LOL  I've spent a lot of time moving and sorting all of her stash. They  tell me there is lots more to come!!  THey have brought me at least 150 quilt books so far. I am down to around 35 books yet to get rid of.
  If you are interested you can check out my group on FB where I share pics and comments about what i have to share. It is free you only have to pay the shipping.

Rhonda's Fabric Swap and Shop for FREE group

If you have any fabric or quilt books or any needlecraft related items you want to trade or pay the shipping you are welcome to join the group and post your items. if you trade you don't pay the shipping.

Wishing you all Warm Thoughts and Laughter!!


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