Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Joined a Couple of Forums

Yesterday I joined a couple of new to me forums. My Quilt Place  has been a good experience so far. I only found it yesterday tho. I have worked on my own page and made it personal to me. I have posted a few comments and had some feedback from a couple of members. So I have had a good time on  it so far. Time will tell I suppose.

The other forum is Quilting Around The World
I had some trouble. Whether it was my fault for not knowing what I was doing or if there was something else wrong I really don't know. There are several security blocks set up on this site. That sort of bothered me. I went through the registering process and still couldn't post anything,. I didn't have access to anything. I could read some of the forums but couldn't  post. I couldn't find anywhere to send a message to anyone. There is no contact info. I finally pieced together from some of the messages that  GardenGal was the admin. There was nothing to say she was the admin but she was the one in charge. So I assumed she was and sent a pm. That was the only thing I was allowed to do on the site. She did pm me back and said she fixed it and now I had access.  I haven't looked around anymore on there. I will spend some time checking it out tho before I give up on it. I'm not impressed with the site so far tho. But it could have been my own fault that I wasn't able to navigate the site. Again time will tell.

I have been a member of the Quilting Board since March 09. It is a great place to make friends and I really enjoy it. I do like to check out other forums tho. I enjoy seeing what other quilters are up to.

Wishing you all sunshine and laughter!!   May God Bless You and Keep You in His Hands!!