Friday, March 15, 2013

Gluten Free

Last Sept we decided to go wheat/gluten free and to also cut out corn anything including corn syrup from out diet.  I wanted to lose weight and I had seen it said it helped someone with there skin problems.  So as I have hand eczema I wanted to try it for at least 2 mos and see if it helped.

well after 2 weeks I discovered it helped my breathing problems tremendously. we improved our over all well being and I no longer have days where I feel like i am walking in water. My hand eczema is 85% improved and is receding more every day.

so this is a life style for us now. I have decided I have had this intolerance or allergy to wheat for along time and just didn't know it. I have struggled with breathing problems for over 15 yrs and now that is all gone! Praise the Lord!

But if I am tempted which I have only done twice - I ate 4 bites of garlic toast last week and it came back to bite! I struggled with my breathing all day the following Sat. so no more giving in to temptation! LOL

We have gone back to basics no prepackaged or canned goods from the store. I have found a few gluten fre products we can use but I dont' want to add too many carbs back into our diet so I use them sparingly. there are some really good pasta alternatives out there. Mostly the ones I've used have been made from brown rice. but they taste just the same as wheat pasta.

the one thing I have discovered is we eat alot more lettuce salads now. so I had to find dressings that are gluten free CORN SYRUP free!  Cutting out the corn syrup is much harder than cutting out the wheat.
but I found Hidden Valley makes a Hickory Bacon that is a thousand island  dressing and we really like that one. Ranch is the only one I have found so far that I can get in restaurants. It's not my favorite but it is okay.

It has been an interesting journey this last few months and as I discover more things I will talk about them here.  I hope to come up with my own bread recipe using a gluten free all purpose flour.