Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good Sunday Morning!

Today may be a bit dreary outside but it is still a good morning. I am enjoying talking to my friends on the Quilting Board and reading blogs.  I have one grandson staying with us til some time later today. He came on Fri and has been having fun. Daymon is 7 and is a twin. This is the first time he has come by himself. Both boys tend to talk nonstop but Daymon is better about going and playing for awhile on his own. He is as sweet kid if a little shy. I have to keep saying talk louder so I can hear what you are saying! LOL The twins will be 8 on Nov 23rd. My where has the time gone!
He has a baby brother Colton who is the apple of Grandma's eye of course! Colton is 10 mos old. At that stage where he can walk if he would just let go with that one hand.

Daymon has been playing on the computer and he enjoys the building blocks. I have all sorts of building blocks. They all enjoy playing with the toddler size legos. Even my 13 yr old grandsons.

Well there are things I need to do. I have been cleaning and finding the bottom of my house again. I tend to ignore stuff when I don't want to do it and I HATE cleaning! LOL But our dryer decided to go on the fritz and I need to have it looked at. So I have been cleaning the bathroom and sorting clothes and getting them put away. DH does the laundry but he tends to leave things he doesn't know what to do with on the dryer.

So back into the fray once again my friends! LOL I hate having to decide where to put things and that is the biggest source of my procrastination. I have a small house and tend to be a packrat. I also don't have any closets so I have to use wicker baskets and invent some storage other ways. Thankfully we have added several more baskets and I have had a bit more places to store stuff. Some of it may go out to the shed or barn. We do have storage outside. But I don't like to have to go out there in the winter when I need something so anything I might need in the winter can't go out there.

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday!! Praise the Lord! He is loving and good and keeps us in his hands!
 Jesus is my Savior and I pray he is yours too!! May God Bless You and Keep You Always!!