Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pieced Patchwork Cell Phone Case
by Rhonda Woodsmall

Cell phone case with cell phone in it!

If you like patchwork and need a cell phone case that is pretty enough to show off your quilting skills this is for you! Here I will show you how to make a cell phone case using a quilt block for interest.

Pieced top front

You will need:

Usual sewing supplies
 Sewing machine - thread - pins etc.
 Cutting mat(mini) and a rotary cutter
 Small ruler


You will need a 1 1/2" acrylic template or use your own method. Just make sure you end up with 1 1/2" HST squares however you choose to make them! You can use any template, but if you want to use one of mine, just email me at (Rhonda) and I will send you a free template.

Small print cotton for the Half Square Triangles(HST)

You can use scraps or any print you want.

You are only making 8 - 1 1/2" half square triangles, so you'll need a med. Green strip and a contrasting (I used a light here) strip.

I cut mine 11" by 2".

Here you can see how I cut out the HST's from the center. After you cut out down the center then pull the strips apart and sew the other sides together so you can continue to cut out squares from the center.

If you do scrappy, I use swatches instead of strips and cut each one out.

Small print cotton fabric for the case

Dk Green - 1 swatch - approx. 4" by 5"
Dk Green - 1 swatch - approx. 4" by 2"
Dk Green - 1 swatch - approx. 4" by 8"
Dk Green - 1 swatch - approx. 4" by 5"

You need to cut one square for the center out of whatever fabric you want.

Make sure you have a straight edge on one side of all the fabric swatches and strips. It is better to have a piece that is larger than you need and trim down than find you cut the swatch or strip too short!!

Batting - traditional is best

1 piece about 5" by 8"
1 piece about 5" by 5"

These sizes are only suggestions. I cut larger than I need, and then I trim to the size I need after I have sewn things together.

Also you need to measure your cell phone and adjust the math to fit. Adding borders is another way to make your top bigger without changing the size of your template when you make the HST's

Putting the quilt block together!

We are using half square triangles in this quilt block.

Quilt Block

Lay the HST's in rows as shown above. Then sew each row together and then sew the rows together to get this quilt block. Make sure you trim your quilt block so it will look square.


When my blocks don't match up as well as I'd like I look to see where I can tighten up the seam. Sew along. On the inside of the seam to make your seam more straight.

Completing the cell phone case!!

Pin the pieced quilt block to the dk green 4" by 2" swatch. Sew the swatch onto the quilt block. Open and iron the seam open.

Pin the Dk Green 4" by 5" swatch to the opposite side from the one you just added. Sew the swatch to the quilt block. Open and iron the seam. I trimmed the smaller swatch to 1" You can make it whatever size you prefer.

Trim the added swatches to the same size as the quilt block.

Backing the halves

Lay the top for the cell phone face down onto the dk green 4" by 8" swatch (liner). Pin it in place and trim the liner even with the top. Lay this top face down onto the larger batting piece. Pin the three layers together. Trim the batting even with the top.

Now you should have a top (with the quilt block) backside down onto the batting and the liner should be face to face with the top so you should see the backside of the liner at the top of this sandwich.

(Obviously do as I say and not as I do -I just noticed I forgot to put the pieced top into the middle of the sandwich!!. I usually do because it is easier to sew where there are no seams to go over. Oh well!! Do it how you want!)

Repeat the step with the other dk green swatches. You won't have a quilt block to work around and the swatches should be 5" not 8".

Trim the back half even with the front half.

I used a DVD to trace the round edge. Just mark with a pen and trim. You could use a plate or glass or a plastic lid etc.

Begin at the bottom about 1 1/2" from the left side and backstitch. Now sew around the edge of the top until you get back to the bottom. Stop sewing 1 1/2" from the other side-- leave an opening to turn the top right side out and backstitch!

Turn the top right side out. Use a turning tool to poke the corners out or if the corners look OK just leave them. Iron the half. You can poke in the fabric at the opening so it is even with the rest of that edge.

Repeat the step with the other swatches to make the back half.

Now you should have two halves of the cell phone case put together. Sew a finishing seam around the outer edge of the top half. And across the top of the back half. I closed the bottom here also.

Now you should have two halves that look like this.

Pin the back to the inside of the top and sew from the top right corner down to the bottom across the bottom and back up to the left upper corner. Backstitch several times at both top corners to withstand heavy use. I like to sew across the bottom at least twice so it will not come apart with use.

Now add the velcro to your cell phone case. I just whipstitched it on. If you add it before you put the halves together you can machine stitch it on. Mine is a little off center but oh well!! I took it off and redid it once and I am not going to do it again!!

I added a longer strip of Velcro so the case could be closed at different places. Some phones are bigger than others.

As I mentioned before, you can email me at (Rhonda) to get a free template or to ask any questions.