Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rhonda's Quilt Block Swap for October

If anyone is interested you can join my quilt block swap on the Quilting Board
   Sign up will be closed on Sept 30.

You will get a partner and you and your partner will exchange one quilt block. The quilt block must be one I designed or did a tutorial on. It's a great way to explore my shortcut methods and have fun doing it!!

Come join the fun and meet new people who love to quilt!!   Rhonda

My Day Today!

Today has been an interesting day already! I went to bed at 3:30 am as I am a night owl and was woken by the phone at 5 am. An hour and a half after I went to sleep. My assistant who has crohns desease and she has a colostomy needed to go to the ER. She gets dehyhdrated easily due to her health concerns. She is 70 now I think. So I was up and trying to clear my head as I jumped in the car and went and got her. Took her to the ER and sat with her til they decided what they  were going to do. They usually admit her but the dr she got this morning was being a jerk and insisted he was sending her back home. the last time a dr from ER sent her back home she was back in the hosp before nightfall. She always has a hard time trying to explain this to them. I don't know why DRs can be so hard headed when you know your body and your past better than they do. But I went home to catch some sleep til they were done with giving her fluids and doing an xray. 2 hrs later I get a call waking me up. She was going to be ready to go home in 2 hrs. So I struggled to go back to sleep. 3 hrs later I get a call telling me they were admitting her. Why didn't they listen to her in the first place!!! Grrrrr.

well now I am up and contemplating what I need to work on. I have a quilt block for my swap almost done. I would like to finish it and get it in the mail. I also have a tutorial I need to work on. A gal asked me to do one on how to find repeats in a yard of fabric for making a Dresden Kaleidoscope. So that is next. Now to find some energy! My hit and miss sleep is catching up to me already. Will probably have to take a nap later on! LOL  Just a good thing I don't have kids today! LOL  My stomach is calling so I guess I better go find something to eat!

Wishing you all a productive day quilting!!! God Bless everyone!  Rhonda