Sunday, August 10, 2014

We had a good time going to Independence Iowa for the quilt guild lesson. I was oh soooo nervous but I kept my cool. I actually think I did a good job but of course there are always things that could be better.

I just hope I didn't confuse anyone. I have a bad habit of giving too much info at one time.
Several ladies thought it was fun so I guess it went okay.

I got comfortable after I got into my favorite subject My Boston Block LOL. 

Renee the lady who asked me to come was really nice and helpful. she was a doll. She helped me alot and was great at making me feel welcome.

DH and I decided not to drive home in the dark so we stayed at a motel which we haven't done for a very long time other than stayin at Branson for the retreat. We enjoyed having some one on one time without my mom at our shoulders. We live in her back yard so she is at our door alot or on the phone.

Now that the lesson is behind me on to other things. I need to finish my black and red wall hanging and I have the yellow mini tablerunner to back and quilt also.

I have a doll quilt to make also for a swap I signed up for. I have some ideas but need to make some choices. When I get it partly done I'll post some progress pics!!

My kitchen is a disaster so I NEED to get it under control again LOL when I am into quilting nothing else exists LOL

It's still cloudy and dreary and windy outside. Hope we get some sunshine soon!

Wishing you all Sunshine and Laughter!!
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