Saturday, March 10, 2012

Goodness time has gotten away from me. I was determined to keep up with this blog in a timely manner meaning at least every couple of days three at the most. But I guess life gets in the way.

I finally finished the quilt block for my Feb quilt block swap on the Quilting board. I am the hostess so I am not being a very good example of being on  time! LOL Oh well. She will get her quilt block soon so that makes it alright. Now on to some hotpads I need to make for a swap on the Quilting Haven.

Life has been busy with grandkids here on the weekends and trying to help my mom get her autobiography done. She has some interesting stories to tell. I may share some later on after we get it all done. Right now the writing is done but I am still working on some of the pictures. I will be soooo glad when this is done!!

My autistic grandson Zachary has been very busy. He is 11 and has always been obsessed with movies and his favorite tv shows. Now he has decided he is going to make a movie about Zachary getting Married. LOL He has a basic understanding about marriage but not really. Most things he has in his head originate in one of his tv shows he watches. He lives in a fantasy world a lot and reruns his favorite episodes in his mind all the time. He talks nonstop. mostly he repeats lines from his shows. Who knows maybe some day he will be a director and make movies.
For the most part  he is a happy camper unless he doesn't get his own way. then he gets bull headed and stubborn and it 's hard to get him to stop asking and wheedling. He doesn't whine but he does say things like I'll take that as a yes!! When you tell him no. Or he'll say You can do it I know you can!!! He doesnt' do disappointment well at all!! He has a strong sense of self worth and is quite proud of everything he does.
He loves to draw and is really good on the computer. He does not in any way lack for self confidence!! LOL There isn't a shy bone in his body.  Instead we work on getting him not to invade a stranger's personal space. He says a stranger is just someone who hasn't met him  yet! and once they meet him they aren't strangers anymore! LOL  His dad is like that so he gets it honestly.

His dad my son in law was heading to Davenport with the family in the van and they were pulling the large camper. He hit a deer and they were all a bit shaken and had to wait for the police to come. I asked if the kids were upset and my daughter said they  were only upset that they didn't get to keep the deer. Ben's brother was going to butcher it not Ben and the kids were upset that they wouldn't get more deer jerky out of the deal!! LOL I thought they would think it was mean that daddy killed Bambi but noooo they wanted jerky meat!! LOL  Rachel is almost 10 Zach is 11 and Joey is 13.

Hope you all get lots of sewing and quilting time!

Wishing you Sunshine and Laughter!!! God Bless and Keep You!   Rhonda