Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yeah!  Today is my Birthday! LOL  I will be 57 about 6:30 tonight.  Boy I will be turning 60 in another 3 years!  Scary a bit but I am what I am. The Lord made me and I am content in my life right now. I have a wonderful family and reasonably good health. A few aches and pains and diabetes but it could be alot worse!

I don't go in for the over the hill way of thinking. I am what God wants me to be. I am proud to be this age and proud to be in a position to enjoy life.

Usually my birthday is just another day but this year my mom has organized the whole family to go to my favorite place Happy Joe's!! My DH  has been on a no pizza kick for awhile so I rarely get to go there. Also the only time we can get everyone together  is once a year at Christmas. So having all my kids and all of my grands in one place is a real treat!

I am taking my camera and hopefully will have some pics to share tomarrow.

Hope everyone has a great day today!!!

Wishing you all sunshine and laughter!