Saturday, June 16, 2012

We had a good day today. Went to a family get together for my husband's family and he got to see his brothers and sister and his mom for awhile. Lots of cousins and other family there too. He doesn't get out and see them very often so it was good to get him out of the house.

My Molly has been driving me nuts! She is a German short haired pointer and she is obsessive about what she wants!! LOL  I buy these small dog bones treats and she gets a small handful from time to time. I ran  out and she kept begging and begging today!! We had to go get a box of them. I told her I think she is addicted to the darn things!! LOL  But she is a happy gal now. I tried some other treats but they didn't work for more than a few mins and she was begging again. But she is content now for awhile anyway!

I've been working on some quilt blocks for my quilt block swap on the Quilting Board. I need to get them done and in the mail soon. I bought some teal and lime fabrics today for a quilt block for my June partner Cheryl. Those are her colors. I hope she likes the colors I picked out.

I started a Wall Hanging Swap on the Quilting Board this month and everyone has to make 4 quilt blocks and use them to make their Wall Hanging. I am so excited to see what people do with it.

Right now the quilt blocks are posted for my Quilt Contest for One Quilt Block. If you want to vote go to the thread and see the voting instructions. To vote you have to send your choice to Patrice in an email.

You can find the voting directions at the bottom of the first page.

I am working on some stock to put in my online store. I hope to have some bookmarks / checkbook covers/ eyeglass cases /hotpads and my more things available soon on

Wishing you all Sunshine and Laughter!! May God Bless you and keep you!!  Rhonda