Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer is coming to an end here in the next few weeks. It does go by so fast! I am NOT looking forward to winter and snow. We get deep deep snow here in Iowa most winters. Everyone hopes and prays for a light winter but then the farmers worry about drought in the spring.

The kids are getting ready to go back to school. My grandkids are all starting the next grade. We have one great granddaughter starting preschool and a grandson going back for a second year of preschool. One great granddaughter is starting kindergarten! We have several ages of grandkids and they are all growing up so fast!

Our youngest great grandchild is Skylar and he will be 1 in Oct! Where has the time gone? His daddy is our oldest grandson who will be 27 in August! Oh my!

We love them all of course!

I'm still working on my miniature quilting and keeping busy with grandkids on the weekends.

We had Zach this weekend and he just went home earlier this evening. He comes and stays with us a couple of weekends a month.
Zachary is our autistic grandson and he is going to be 15 in Jan. He is maturing all the time. He is high functioning and we are working on goals. One I came up with was to have him put our groceries on the conveyor belt at the cashier and then he helps put the sacks of groceries into the cart. when we get to the  car he helps put them in the van and returns the cart to the cart corral. He has really progressed in understanding personal space. He is a happy kid and noone is a stranger. LOL So we have to remind him often not to cross that personal space line. He loves to talk to people and is always asking people their name and introducing himself to them. He believes once they know his name they aren't a stranger any more LOL. He is very outgoing which is very unusual for an autistic kid. He loves to touch and be touched and hugs etc.

We are struggling a bit with an elderly dog. Molly is going on 12 and has been diagnosed with  cushing's disease. It is a glandular disease and she also has arthritis in her right front leg. She limps alot. We are always trying to decide when you get to that line of not putting her through any more pain than necessary. She limps and is sad looking but if I get up she follows right beside me. She has brought me paper to throw for her to play fetch. When she is outside she trots and sometimes runs despite the limp. So for now we are waiting and giving her as long a life as possible.

Well that is a brief look at our life for today!!

Wishing you all Sunshine and Laughter!!! Rhonda