Friday, December 15, 2017

Unique Techniques by Rhonda

Thought I'd jump in and touch base with you all. I decided to start a new blog showcasing my quilt tutorials. These quilts are made using my shortcut blocks of course LOL

My very first website in 2006 was called Unique Techniques by Rhonda so I decided to use that for this blog as a nod to my first attempt to share my work.

I have lots of quilts I've developed over time and I decided it was time to offer them to you so they can be seen and appreciated. As always my work is open for you to use any way you like. The only thing I ask is not to sell the patterns. You are welcome to sell anything you make and I hope you enjoy the journey.

This is the first quilt I posted on Unique Techniques. Check out the blog to see the directions.

            Triple Tango
      The next quilt I will be posting......Rocket Rendezvous
      So make sure you check it out!                                       Rhonda