Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Weekend everyone!

Hope you are having a good Sat today. I am trying to clean house and work on my next EQ class for the Quilting Board and the Quilting Haven.  I also need to work on my mom's autobiography too. I am putting all the pictures in one file and all the text in another file for the printer she is going to take it to.

My grandson Zach is here for the weekend and he is busily watching his favorite shows on the computer and then he draws pictures acting out his imagination or his favorite show. He loves coming and being the only one here. He likes getting time away from his brother and sister. They are really loud kids and he likes the quiet. Not that he is all that quiet either! LOL

My family has grown so big we haven't gotten together for a dinner at my mom's in  many years now. Not enough room for everyone. So  over the years it has evolved that I do the Thanksgiving dinner where my oldest and her family come and my youngest and his family come but my middle child he and his family go to  my BILs as my MIL lives there and Nathan is in business with his uncle. They are also very close. More like brothers. Doug(BIL) is the youngest of my DHs family and my kids came along at the right time to fit in as the youngest kids in a the family. so they were treated as siblings and not nieces and nephews. There is only 8 yrs between Nathan and Doug. So Nathan likes to spend one holiday with them.

Then at Christmas time Nathan has all of us 27 of us now on Christmas Eve day for a dinner. It is the only time of the year I get all my kids and their families together in one place. We are all looking forward to it this year. My oldest grandson and his wife are expecting a baby girl in 21 days! She is going to have a c section because of health concerns. Serenity Elise-Lynn will be our youngest great grand child and if you add all the grandkids and great grandkids she will be #16 of all our grandchildren. God has been good to us!

My youngest son also has a little boy  Colton who will be 1 on Dec 17 and Serenity has a brother Jayden who just turned 3 and a sister Alisha who will be 6 in Dec then we also have a granddaughter who has a little girl Adrianna who just turned 2. The rest of our grandkids range from 8  up to 23! So we will have lots of little ones this year for Christmas!!  It should be lots of fun!

Wishing you all a thankful day to think about all  the things you are thankful for and to Praise the Lord for all the blessings in your life. We need to be thankful every day and not just on one holiday.

Thank  you Lord for all the opportunities you have given me and have shown me the way to follow you.

God Bless  You and Keep You Everyone!! May His Light Shine Upon You!  Rhonda