Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone is having a good day with their families and good food!   We had 16 with my daughter and her family and our youngest son and his family. My son in laws parents always come. My middle child my other son goes to my mother in laws for Thanksgiving every year. She lives with her youngest son and he and my son are business partners and more like brothers. So my son's  youngest Jake doesn't like to go up there because the kids his age (13) are all teenage girls! LOL Not a lot of fun for him. He's not into girls yet.

We had lots of good food and lots of fun talking.  As usual I have grandkids. Zach came Tues late aft. and stayed til today. Jake came yesterday and will stay til Sat or Sun. When Zach went home today his sister Rachel stayed and will be here til Sat morning. My youngest son Glen's 3 boys stayed today and will go home on Sat morning. The twins Devon and Daymon turned 8 yesterday and Colton is 11 months. He just started walking this week. It is funny to watch him walk as he sort of rocks from side to side and plants each foot as he walks. But hey he's only been walking about 4 days!  So I have 5 grandkids til Sat. Then Jake may or may not stay through Sun.

Wishing you all lots of turkey sandwiches and left over potatoes and gravy!! I could live on turkey sandwiches for a very long time!! Love them!