4 Patch Blocks

  Making 4 Patch Blocks   

    Four patch blocks can be cut into either triangles or    
      squares using a template.

 To make these blocks first decide on the size template
 you are using. I send out  1 1/4" / 1 1/2"/ or 2 1/2" for free
 If you need a free template you may email me and I will be happy to send you a template. I need your postal address please.
     You can use any size you like for the template. Click on the tab above to see the size templates and what size quilt block each one makes if you use one of my designs.

 To make a 4 Patch block

Choose what colors you need. For this demonstration we will use 4 diff colors. but when you start on your quilt block you will need to look at the quilt block you are making and see where the colors go.

Cut and sew 2 strips together. The strips should be 3/4" wider than half of your template. The length is whatever you need it to be. Either how many sections you will need or what length is comfortable for you to use.

Cut and sew the other 2 strips together.
Open and iron the seam and strips
Trim the ends of each set of strips.
Measure your template and add 1/2" to your measurement. If you are using a 2 1/2" then you need to cut your strips  every 3" at the least. they can be longer but not shorter.

Cut your strips sets into 3" sections. your math will be different for a different size template.

Now match two sections and pin them together.
Sew these two sections together.
Open and iron. I like to iron my seams open but that is up to you. 

  Cutting out "Blocks"

 Place your template on the joined sections on a small cutting mat.
Make sure the template is on the seams so you have the same measurement on all four sections of the square.

Firmly hold the template in place. As you cut each side with the rotary cutter you can turn the mat with your other hand.

   Place the corners of the template on the seams carefully.
Your corners of your square need to be cut with the seam evenly between both fabrics.
   If your square is not quite square after you cut you can gently trim the corner even. But be careful so it is not too much smaller than the rest of the blocks. You can tack the squares together and gently stretch the fabric to meet the edge of the other square.

               Troubleshooting Tips
Notice the top right corner. The edge is not evenly spaced.
There is more fabric on the left side of the seam than the right.
This will result in a loss of points.


       The top right corner is now evenly spaced

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