Wednesday, January 20, 2016

December 2015 BOM

December BOM

Here is my original Quilt block for this month.

Again I am using a Drunkard's Path block to make this one.

Refer to my previous post for the Drunkard's Path block directions.

Once you learn to make the Drunkard's path block then make as many as you need in the colors you need to make this quilt block.

Here you can see the individual blocks and how they need to lay in the pattern. You also need to make sure you get the right colors in the right places. this one is easy for that as it is only 2 colors. 

Here I changed the red to yellow for a different look. Basically the contrast in the red/blue was dark/light and I flipped it in the yellow to light/ dark. I like strong contrast because it brings out the design. If you want the background to show up then put your dark in the background. when you put the dark in the half circles that makes them jump out at you creating a different design.

Here are some quilt ideas. I only changed the colors I did not turn any of the blocks. 

Hope you enjoy these designs! Use them any way you like. I have no restrictions on their use. thanks Rhonda