Friday, September 9, 2011

Rhonda's Tip for the Day - Sept 9 11

  When you cut out squares or with a template  make sure you take the time to be as accurate as you can. The more accurate you are the less you will have to go back and fix.  If you let a small error go by then by the time you get done you will be off a lot not a little. Prevent those problems by taking care when cutting and measuring every time you do anything whether it is cutting or sewing blocks together. Measure measure measure to be sure you are on track as you go. Don't wait til you are done to fix an error or to measure!! Prevention is the name of the game!!
  Here is my first pattern in my new Simple Steps Pattern line!! I design quilt block using my methods and then I also show 4 ways to use that quilt block to make quilts. I also include tips and suggestions to make your quilting experience a little easier!   To order you can go to   the patterns are only $5 for the PDF or $7 for a printed version mailed to you.

           Introducing Florene Elaine Quilt Block and Quilts!!
             Florene Elaine Quilt Block

One of the Quilts you can make with this quilt block

Welcome to my brand new Blog!! I haven't ever done this before so it will be an adventure to share my thoughts and my quilting and designing with you. I will post what's new in my designing and any other interesting tidbits I think might be of interest. I hope you enjoy following along as I figure this new venture out!!