Monday, September 12, 2011

Tip of the Day!

 When you choose fabrics keep in mind to look for fabrics that don't blend. If you are using 3 or 4 fabrics in your quilt block then you need to make them each stand out on their own or you will end up with only 2 fabrics that you can see. Take your fabrics and lay them together. Then stand back about 5 feet and see if you can see each one clearly. If you use a white and a cream together or a light and a light with just a little print in it they will  look like one color. They will blend. The more contrast you can get the better your quilt block will look..

You can use soft colors but if you have two that use the same or similar colors then make sure you use a small print and a large print or your prints in the two are drastically different. If one has a circle design or squiggle design then make your other one straight lines or something completely differant. The size of the print could be different too.  I personally would avoid putting two fabrics together that are the same print but differant colors. I think there isn't enough variety in that to be pleasing to the eye. But each to their own. If you like it then it is right for you!

   You can see the contrast between the green / black /pink and the light background.  

     This is a Boston Block and you can see the light/ medium/ dark