Friday, October 21, 2011

Rhonda's Second Sampler Quilt Along

On the Quilting Board  I started my Second Sampler Quilt Along. I did one last year and decided it was time to do another one.

I thought I would show you all the two Quilt Blocks I have designed for the BOW so far.

This is Autumn. It is the second quilt block in the BOW. I posted it last night on the QB. It uses my star point blocks and is not hard to do at all. Once you learn to make the Star Point Blocks it is easy. A beginner can do it. Check out the Star Point directions above.

Here you see the star point blocks laid out so you can tell where the colors are used and how the blocks are turned. This makes it easy to see how the design goes together.  Once you have the star point blocks made it is a simple matter to just sew the squares together into the quilt block just like you would any other quilt block.

You do need to pay attention to where the points of the star points join. I use a stitch and tack it in place so the points match up and wherever I have two seams I tack them so they can't shift.

     This one uses my Boston Blocks. They are really easy to make. After you make the  Boston Blocks you just have to sew the squares together in the right order.

Here is the layout for this quilt block. Again pay attention to where the colors go. And make sure the blocks are placed in the right direction. It is easy to turn them around when you are joining blocks so check this frequently to make sure they are in the right place in the right direction.

If you're a member of the Quilting Board you can send me a pm and I will add your board name to the activity page so you can be notified each week when I post a new quilt block to the Second Sampler.

If you are looking at the threads on the QB there are TWO SAMPLERS on there. The first one I posted 3 quilt blocks each week but this one I am only posting one quilt block per week. So look for the word SECOND in the title to see the one we are doing now!!

Anyone is welcome to join us!! So the more the merrier!!