Sunday, January 22, 2012


I found a new fun thing to do. My DIL and my DGDIL are on Pinterest and I was curious to see what it is. A quilting friend sent me an invite because you can only join if you are invited. It is a site where you can find lots of ideas and there are a lot of differant areas of interest. They have architechural pictures food pictures and recipes decorating pictures craft pictures and lots more. It is alot of fun. Of course it is also another way to waste time and procrastinate instead of quilting and getting things done! LOL

My two grandsons just went home. They have been here all weekend. I do love having the various grands but I am also glad to send them home! *Grin*  Joey is 13 and Zach is my autistic 11 yr old grandson.

I need to go work on my EQ class for tonight so need to go. I hope to have a section on here soon listing all the EQ classes for everyone to use. So maybe I can get to that this week.

Happy Quilting everyone!