Sunday, August 18, 2013

Well life has been busy lately!

I had my grandson Zach from Fri to today and then I traded Zach for his sister Rachel LOL Zach is my autistic dgs and he is 12 and Rachel is 11.

Zach loves to work on his computer. He is really interested in making his own movies on a site called goanimate. He uses the Wiggles characters and then writes his own words for them. Then he puts them on Youtube.  Pretty good for a 12 yr old autistic! He is very smart and always looking for new ideas.

He stays with us two weekends a month. so his mom and dad can spend time with the other two kids without Zach's needs getting in the way. This weekend they are canning.  But Sara tries to make time for the other two also. A special needs kid in the family means Zach's siblings often have to give up things they want to do.

With Bible School and vacations and all the things the kids were involved in this summer Rachel hasn't been here much. So as she had asked several times I thought we would slip her in for a couple of days. Usually I have my son's twins 9 yr old and Colton 2 and then my dd's Rachel once a month for a weekend. I call them the 4 muskateers now. LOL They all get along pretty well. Rachel and Devon love to play with Colton and he loves to be in the middle of the bigger kids. Devon is a great big brother. He even changes Colton's diapers. He's done that since Colton was born. He's like a second dad to him.

I'm still working on my mugrug. I've been in a real funk for quite awhile and just made up my mind I need ot pull myself out of it and get more done. I take meds for depression and I need ot be more aware of not letting myself slide back into that I don't care about anything mindset.

Rachel wants to make a pencil case tomorrow so we will be working on that. She starts school next Thursday so she wants one to take in her notebook. Not sure how I am going to make it so it can clip into the notebook but will figure it out I guess!

My friend Kathy has a small quilt shop about 5 miles from me and she wants me to help her teach some classes. I need to get motivated to learn what I need to to help with a Twister class. I've seen the twister but not done it yet.
I did talk to JC today as she is planning on coming and teaching a class at Kathy's shop. Probably looking at the second week in Sept but not sure yet. I dont' have any time frame just working around when JC can be here mostly.

My mom and I canned 18 quarts and 3 pints of aristocrat pickles (sweet) last Wed. They are a family recipe handed down through the family. I love the things. I don't like to be out of them and I am down to a half dozen from 2 yrs ago's batch. Can't let them run out!! LOL
I also have a smaller batch soaking in salt water. These soak for 8 days in salt water and then you cook them in alum water and then ginger water and then make a brine with a spice sack. They are so yummy! But lots of sugar!!! Not real good for my diabetes but I won't ever give them up totally LOL

Okay going to go work on my mugrug again.

Wishing you all Sunshine and Laughter!! Rhonda