Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rhonda's 2nd Boston Block Hotpad Class - Part 1

Okay here is the First Lesson for this class!

 Boston Block Hotpad Class - Lesson 1

I am going to begin by listing the things you will need.

The most important thing you need will be a template.
I have the templates available and will send them for free.
You will need to send me a postal address so I can mail them out to you. They are hard acrylic so they are not sent through email.
 my email - patchesbyr@yahoo.com  

You will have a chance to work with a 1 1/2" template or a 2 1/2" template and you can have both if you like. Please make sure you specify which one or ones you want.

You will need a small cutting mat preferably about 6" sq or so. 
Any old cutting mats can be cut up and used for this if you have a used mat.

You will need the usual supplies:

rotary cutter
a smaller ruler would be good if you have one. I use a 2 1/2" x 9" but you can use whatever you have.
If you use a template you have make sure you put nonslide dots under it. I use a thin strip of sandpaper cut to fit on mine.

In the next lesson I will discuss what fabrics and colors go together and how to get the best out of the design. 

1. choose fabrics and colors wisely 
2. how to make a Boston Block
3. how to use the boston block to make a quilt block
4. how to use the quilt block to make hotpads my way. 

Of course there are many ways to do anything and I understand my methods aren't for everyone. But if I can help anyone to find an easier way to do something then I am happy to oblige!

This is a Boston Block pieced square unit:

                 Name:  Boston Block - light.BMP
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Two quilt blocks I will be using to build our hotpads.

Please remember my methods are easy to do and are a bit of an illusion. 
Designs look harder to make than they really are. It is all in the tricks of the trade! 

But I assure you beginners can make both of these quilt blocks!! If you can use a rotary cutter and mat you will be able to do this. 
Quilt blocks I will be using to build our hotpads.

 I would like to show you how to make a quilt block
    with 6 rows of 6 Boston Blocks in it -

This is what it will look like:

Quilt Block designed by me - Ashley -  6 rows of 6 pieced blocks(units).
Some are HSTs(half square triangles) and some are Boston Blocks
So I will be showing you how to make these 2 Blocks my way.
This quilt block uses the 1 1/2" template

Name:  Ashley -July 8.jpg
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And then we will also make this quilt block-
It has 4 rows of 4 pieced blocks(units).
This quilt block uses the 2 1/2" template

     Name:  block---.jpg
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Feel free to ask any questions you'd like! There are never any dumb stupid questions only questions you don't know the answers to yet. If you don't ask you can't learn.
I'm always happy to help if I can.

I'll be posting the next lesson next Tuesday Aug 19th 2014

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