Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hello everyone!! Sorry its been awhile since I was here.

Today my mom and I started painting my house. The building belongs to my mom but we live in it. It is a remodeled auto shop. My dad ran his auto business in here. Then my mom had an antique shop in here for a couple of years. Now we live here!!

So I took some pics of my mom painting. She turned 80 last Jan and she still mows and paints and maintains several large flower beds and enjoys her gardening.

We finished the south wall today and tomarrow hope to get the west wall done. It will take us about 4 -5 days to get it all done. Mom wants to paint our shed/Model T garage also.
The wall you see is only about 2/3rd of that wall. It continues on the other side of the door(by the ladder).

Don't you like my fancy nail job?? LOL Bet noone else has one like mine!!

Tomarrow we will be back and working hard at painting again!! I love to paint so it isn't a real hardship for me. I enjoy seeing the color change as you put on the new. We aren't changing the color but the wood has really weathered and there isn't alot of paint remaining on the siding. Thankfully we haven't needed to do much scraping. That is the part I'm not happy doing! :) :)

Wishing you all Sunshine and Laughter!!