Triple Strip Block

Triple Strip Shortcut Blocks


You will need a 2 ½” hard plastic template.
You could use scraps or a fat eighth per color for the fabric

        Step 1:
Cut one left strip – 2 ½” x refer to pattern for length.   Here I used 7 ½” which made 2 blocks
    Cut middle strip   -  1 ½” x same as above strip           You can use any length you are ok with
    Cut right strip       -  1 ½” x same as above                   Recycle leftovers into more squares!

Step 2:
    Sew the left strip and the middle strip together. Trim the middle strip to 1”


 Step 3:
          Sew the right strip to the middle strip.


   Step 4:

         Lay the template on the seam as you see below.


Step 5:
       Make sure you use the seam between the left and middle strips.  
         Using a rotary cutter cut out the square.
         Cutting out as accurately as you can will help avoid problems later.
         Continue cutting out more squares from your strips.