Thursday, September 15, 2011


Today I have 3 of my grandsons coming to stay til Sunday. Devon and Daymon are twins and they will be 8 in November. Then their little brother Colton will be 9 mos old on Sat. I try to have them one weekend a month so I get to spend time with them and they will have grandma and papa memories. We love to sing songs and tell stories and be silly. Devon has gone pc crazy! He has always been an intellectual kid and loves puzzles and games. Daymon on the other hand is more into cars and trucks and music and loves to be silly!! They are fraternal twins and are as opposite as day and night. But they still have that twin bond even tho they fight alot. They prefer to go their own way each but they also still see themselves as a unit.

Baby Colton is a love! He loves to cuddle. He is our youngest grandchild tho we have great grands and are expecting a fourth greatgrand in Dec. A great granddaughter named Serenity.  Colton will be 9 mos this sat. He loves to try to keep up with his older brothers! LOL

Rachel (9)on the left and Alisha(5) - great granddaughter on the right
Then tomarrow after school my granddaughter Rachel will be here to play with the boys. She is looking forward to seeing them as it has been 2 months since they have been together. She has been here with her brothers but not with the twins. So I know they will have a good time this weekend. I love to listen to them play. They are so much fun to listen to.

I plan to take lots more pictures this weekend so I will have updated pics to share soon!

Wishing everyone sunshine and laughter!!