Thursday, December 22, 2011

Here is my favorite picture of our newest Great Granddaughter Serenity! Her 2 yr old cousin Adrianna can't say Serenity so she calls her Renny. I think this may stick as a nickname! LOL  I think Renny is a cute name. Serenity was born Dec 1 so she is 3 weeks old now!


                                              This is me Grandma Rhonda holding Serenity.

Our House Smells Delicious! But it's not Christmas food! LOL

Our house smells delicious today! My DH is making Deer jerky! He makes the best jerky! Several have said he should sell it. When any of our kids are here when he makes it the jerky doesn't last long! They grab sacks of it and take it with them. He is making this batch for our son Nathan. We are going to Nathan's on Sat for Christmas dinner with all of our family. We have 27 now in our family. That is only my kids and grandkids my mom and my DH and I plus my son in laws parents. They don't get together with their kids on holidays so we have always included them since our kids were married in 95.

My mom came across the left right game a long time ago and has used various versions in showers and other get togethers.

You  start with a story about Mrs. Wright or about Santa or about any thing that you can find in a Left Right game. We have one about Rudolph and several others.
The story includes lots of left and right words  and when you hear left  you pass your unwrapped present to the neighbor on your left. When  you hear right you pass it rigiht. It gets funny and fast as you try to follow the story.

She started our family playing this game at Nathan's for Christmas a couple of years ago. This year she asked me to help pickout presents for the game. She wanted something fun and something they could play with at the table. So we came across some party favors for kid parties that looked fun. I love puzzles and some of these are easy puzzles that make a ball and there  are paddle balls and mini lizard punch balls and spinners and all of them are something that is a small game. They should be fun. We thought we had a lot of stuff bought but when  we seperated them out into 25 sacks it was just right. We ended up putting 5 things in each sack. I love the little cardboard man with the shavings for a beard. Then you use the magnetic wand to move the shavings and give him a beard or hair on his head. They should have fun with all of the neat little gadgets.

Hope you are all having a great time this Holiday Season!