Monday, September 24, 2012

Wheat Free Eating

Recently I have been experiencing problems with exzema on one hand and a few small patches other places. I read something about someone who went on a wheat free diet and it helped their psoriasis alot. So I thought after over a year of trying all sorts of solutions including going to a dermatologist several time that I would check into this wheat free thing.

So I did some searching online and found the Wheat Belly Diet.  I also read other threads pertaining to wheat free eating. I had already cut out bread and now seriously considered cutting out all wheat.

Surprisingly I found wheat is in alot of things I just wouldn't have thought about. Like soups and my sugar free koolaid has a wheat warning. There isn't any wheat as an ingredient but there is a possibility it was processed in a plant where products containing wheat were also processed. So if you are allergic or have Celiac disease then you need to avoid this product. However I am not giving up my koolaid! at least not yet.

We gave up pop a couple of months ago or more. So I drink only water and sugar free koolaid. As I am not diagnosed as allergic I am not going to worry too much about a trace at this point.

Now on to the good news!  My hand has greatly improved and I am so ecstatic for that. I also have been suffering breathing problems for years. I have been wheat free for almost 3 wks and I noticed a few days ago I am not having the suffocating episodes that make me stop and catch my breath every little while when I try to  do anything.  It is sooooo much better.

I have tried to exercise to lose weight and I can't get past doing 10 of any type of excersize like touch toes etc.   Yesterday I tried it just to see how my breathing would be affected and I did 50!!!! touch toes and no breathing problems!!!

I may have discovered a Wheat allergy I didn't know I had.  So I am a firm believer in going Wheat free!!   It may not be for everyone but it is really been good for me

I weighed myself this morning and I have lost 6 pounds in the last 2 weeks.  One of the reasons I started this was to se if I could lose weight the easy way. I haven't done any more exercising and haven't done anything but go wheat and gluten free. 

This may be a life long thing for me now!!    Rhonda