Kansas Dugouts

                            Kansas Dugout Blocks Directions


Here is my shortcut for making Kansas Dugout Blocks. They are easy to make with my cut down method.

You will need a template any size you like.
IF you are using one of my quilt block designs with 6 rows of 6 blocks each
A  2 1/2" template makes a 12 1/2" quilt block
A 1 1/2" template makes a 6 1/2" block
email me if you need a template. Include the size template you'd like and your postal address.  patchesbyr@yahoo.com

You need 2 dark swatches and one light swatch.
Size depends on the size of the template you use. 

1. Sew the center swatch to one of the black swatches

2. Lay a ruler on the seam and trim the center swatch to 1" (for a 2 1/2" template) or to 3/4" ( for the 1 1/2" template) from the seam

3. Sew on the other black swatch to the center swatch

4. Put your joined swatches on a mini cutting mat. 
      Lay your template on the seam as shown so the opposite corners 
        are centered in the center swatch. 
     Hold the template with your left hand and cut along one side 
        with the rotary cutter. 
     Don't let go of the template as you turn the mat to continue 
        to cut along the side of the template. 
     Take time to make sure the template doesn't move
        for an accurately cut out square

Now make as many as you need in the colors that you need and sew them 
into a quilt block for a quilt or other project. 

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