Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Keychains In Progress

Sorry didn't get any pictures of  our get together at Happy Joe's but we had a great time with all of my family there except for my oldest granddaughter nd her hubby. Nicci had to work so couldn't come.

I've been working on keychains and only have a couple completely done but have several on progress  yet.

 Here is a sneak peak at what I am working on. I will be posting them for sale on my Etsy store and my online store when I get a few done. 

                                                 These are  finished.
                                                 They are 2 3/4" square
                                       And these are works in progress!
                           I also have a couple more set up to put togther.
                  So now I just need to get in gear and sew them into keychains!

     Hope you all find time to sew! Quilting and sewing fills the soul with gladness!

          Wishing you all sunshine and laughter!!