Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hope everyone had a nice Easter! We went to my youngest son's for dinner and all 3 of my kids were there. They are all in their 30's now but we did have 7 of my 16 grandkids there. The older 3 grandkids had to work so they didn't get to come. We still had 17 of the 26 us for dinner. Lots of good food and fun getting to sit and visit with my sons and dd as I don't get to see them as much as I'd like. Everyone always leads a busy life nowadays.

On the sewing front I host 3 swaps on the  Quilting Board forum and host the Scrap Club on there. It is a busy thread most of the time. It has been really popular!

I also host a Quilt Bingo game on the Quilting Haven forum if you are interested in checking out that forum. It is an active forum every day and we have lots of fun chatting and supporting one another.

I made my first mugrug recently and I think I am hooked on making them! I love the size of them and will be making lots more to sell soon.

 Here is my first attempt:


I had made a doll quilt using this 3 D technique and I loved it so I used it here for the blue flower again.
The blue flower is not flat against the backing. It is sewn a that bottom only. The petals are sewn with two sides so they can stand free.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my mugrug!

Wishing you Sunshine and Laughter!!