Wednesday, October 26, 2011


My grandson Daymon stayed with us last weekend and we had some one on one time. He loves to play on the computer and he is a twin so being able to come without his brothers is really great for him. His twin tends to overshadow him and Daymon is a bit on the shy side. Devon talks all the time. So when Daymon is here he talks alot! LOL  He doesn't get to so much at home. I love to hear what is on their minds and listen to the kids when they are playing. It is so interesting to hear what they are thinking about. We often have discussions when they ask me what I think about something. then with the twins(soon to be 8) and Rachel (9 yrs) we have a bedtime routine that is a lot of fun. We sing songs and sometimes do rhymes and tell stories. They love this part.  I made up a sing songy thing that goes Hat Hat I have a hat  ... I have a hat on..............Grandma Dot's nose! the kids roar! then each one takes a turn and the locations of the hat are supposed to be silly. Before baby Colton was born (the twins little brother) one of the twins hung the hat on Colton's foot (in the womb!) LOL
I get tired of it but they love this silly little game. Then Rachel has to have Silent Night sung by me as a lullabye. I sing the song about 8 times. Getting softer as I sing it. I only know the first verse so they get the first verse and the chorus over and over again. I guess I slur my words because once Rachel asked me what holyinfanso meant! Holy Infant So Tender etc.

Here are some pictures of my  Mom -Grandma Dot and me and my DIL Angie and Daymon
Not exactly my best hair day! LOL  Mom told me it looked fine! Hah! I don't think so! LOL

                                             Angie    Daymon and  Great Grandma Dot
Me and my DIL Angie