Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stars and Hearts in Iowa!!

I've been working and working on all these patterns for the kits.  Finally got all of the Stars In Iowa Tablerunner kits done and almost done with the Hearts in Iowa Wall Hanging patterns.
These all are made with my shortcut methods.

Each Design has 3 levels of kits and the pattern. They all have the pattern directions and the template included.

 Pattern  - just the directions - no fabric included
 Ready to Cut - includes all the fabric you need to make the quilt top for the tablerunner
 Precut - all the triangles are already cut out for you and you then sew them together and make my Boston blocks and HSTs to sew into the quilt top.
 Presewn - all the Boston Blocks and HSTs are already made for you. All you need to do is sew the pieced squares (Bostons and HSTs) into the quilt top.

This is the first tablerunner -  I made the sample of htis one myself. It's the first tablerunner I've ever made.
The quilt shop owner who is collaborating on the kits with me is adding the borders so this is just to get the look of the border/ I don't have a pic of hte completed top yet.

I have the Hearts in Iowa almost all done. Just have to add a couple of small things to the pattern and they are all printed out and ready to add to the kits.

the same levels will be offered in all the designs.

Hearts in Iowa

                       True Blue Tablerunner   

Black and Gold

Hopefully I will have them all ready to offer soon. Right now the Stars in Iowa and Hearts in Iowa are available to sell.

You can find htem on my website soon. I dont' have them added yet but will have them on there soon. In the meantime if anyone is interested you can contact me  at