Saturday, December 17, 2011

Today our youngest grandchild Colton turned 1 year old!! We are on our way to his birthday party here shortly. I will be posting pics when I get back later today.

Yesterday I finally got to go see our newest great grandbaby Serenity! She is a doll! So tiny! Her head just barely fits in my hand. She slept the whole time but her daddy my grandson rocked her from side to side and she opened her eyes. Apparently she doesn't like it or it at least wakes her up every time. She is supposed to sleep around 3 hrs between feedings but has been sleeping 5 hours between. So the dr told them to let her. I quess I just did what ever the baby wanted when they wanted it. I never kept mine on any schedule.

So this is a busy weekend! Yesterday Mom and I went to see Serenity and then I had to go pick up Zach on our way back. Today in a little while I am going to swap Zach at home for his sister Rachel and she is going with us to Colton's birthday party.

then Rachel will come home with me and we will go to my grandson's again today to Alisha's birthday party. She will be 6 this next Tuesday. Then I will drop Rachel off at home on our way home.

I still haven't done more than decide what I want to put in this week's EQ lesson so that is the order of the day when I get home! LOL If I'm not too tired!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!