Sunday, September 6, 2015

French Seam Purse First Step

Here is the first step of a new tutorial I will be posting soon.
This will be come a French Seam Purse. I am making it in miniature but you can make it any size you want to.

You can make this without the piecing. Just use a pretty fabric instead of making a quilt for the front.
If you use the pieced front then you will need a template to make the Boston Blocks.
To make it bigger just use a bigger template!!

I am making a pieced quilt front for it but you can skip that if you don't want to piece a quilt front.
In this pic you can see half of my quilt top. 

Below that you can see the Boston Blocks I laid out to sew together. 
Click here for Boston Directions

Then I sewed the 4 Bostons into a 4 patch.
I sewed another 4 patch and sewed the two 4 patches together.
I have the other half and will show the whole in the next post