Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just haven't gotten my self into the mood to work on my patterns. I hate it when I know I should be working but can't get the mind in gear.

Of course I have an excuse sort of. I have two of my grandsons right now for a few days. It does take some attention to keep the peace between them sometimes LOL Joey is 14 and Zach is 12. Zach is my autistic grandson but he is high functioning so he does quite well most of the time. But he is always right and he never gives in gracefully. He wanted to use the laptop computer and Joey had been waiting to use it. Zach has a hard time sharing. This is one of our goals with him. He also thinks he can physically make me do what he wants. So getting the message across that he has to wait his turn and that he can't physically pull  push or throw his brother out of the chair is an interesting challenge! LOL  He then turns to me and insists I make Joey give him the computer. This afternoon he went next door ( I knew he went) and asked Grandma Dot(my mom his great grandma) to come out and make Joey give him back the computer! LOL He IS a problem solver!! LOL

We love him dearly and unlike alot of autistics he loves loves hugs and physical contact. He is quite the cuddle bug and always has been. Most autistic people can't handle being touched.

So hopefully I can maybe get some work done on my patterns and get them out to the public in the very near future. I do have 3 of them done and will be working on getting them listed on my websites and my ebay and etsy stores soon.

I'll leave you with this quilty saying------   Rhonda

 Families are like quilts—stitched together one piece at a time.