Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rambling Thoughts

I  see it has been some time since I was on here! I had hoped to keep up and post every day but life gets in the way. I have been sick with bronchitis and other junk. I have really not cared if I accomplished anything, I think I have been hybernating playing pc games super texttwist and solitaire alot.  It is mindless activity that soothes my soul when I am not up to dealing with anything. I know I know call it what it is procrastinating and opting out of life for awhile! LOL

But I am feeling some better tho it isn't totally gone yet. I still have not gotten to see Serenity yet. I still have a cough and my bronchitis isn't totally gone yet. But I do have more energy again and did get some templates put together and mailed. I still have more to go but am working on them. For two weeks I would look at them and just walk on by! They could wait til I felt better. So I apologize to anyone who is waiting  on your templates. But they will get sent out eventually.

I finally got all my Thanksgiving stuff down and boxed up. I am now putting up my Reindeer collection which is huge and my Angel Choir which is also huge. I decided not to bother with a tree this year. I had a small one last year about a 3 ft one on top of my antique stove but that just isn't really a tree to me. I don't really have room for a big tree anymore. And it is increasingly hard for me to decorate a tree.

So I am going to enjoy the collections I love and let the rest slide this year. I also collect bells which is one of the reasons I put up the small tree last year. I used it to hang alot of my bells. I might think about creating some swags for next year to hang some of my bells on to display them. T hat sounds like a good idea. I can watch for some closeouts this year after Christmas and get some supplies to make Christmas swags. Hope I remember this idea! LOL

Hope you are all enjoying  your Christmas decorating and baking and getting ready!!
Merry Christmas to all!!

You might remember to thank God for sending his Son to save the world!  We wouldn't have Christmas without Christ's Birth!! 

Praise Him all creatures here below!
Praise Him above ye Heavenly Hosts
Praise Father Son and Holy Ghost!!! Amen