Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Electric Quilt Software or EQ5 6 or 7

I finally ordered EQ7. I have EQ5 and EQ6 and love both. I am more familiar with my EQ5 and so I continue to use it mostly. But I decided to teach a class on how to use  your EQ and I wanted to have the EQ7 version so I won't confuse anyone. I also have debated for quite awhile if I wanted it or not. I was doing some research on it to see how I wanted to deal with this version in the classes I am going to teach. So I found there sounds like a lot in the newer version I would like to try out.

I have used my EQ5 almost daily for 3 years and I LOVE it! I do alot of designing my quilt blocks on there and I love to play around and see what I can come up with. so I wanted to share that with everyone who wants to learn. I am so anxious now to get my EQ7. I talked to the gal at the EQ co. and she thought it should be here tomarrow!! Hope hope hope!! LOL

I am having fun just planning the classes. I enjoy the features on the EQ and all the choices you have to create with. I have never tried any other programs but this one so I can't compare. This was the one that was recommended to me when I decided to buy one and I have never looked back. As you can tell I highly recommend it.

So since I will be showing 5 and 6 versions it has prompted me to explore my 6 version more closely. I haven't really done much with it because I like 5 and am comfortable with 5. But I was working on 6 yesterday and found some features to be so much easier than 5. I guess I may have to grow up with my EQ and start using the Big version instead of staying in my comfort zone! LOL

If anyone would like to follow along just go to and on the Home page you can find Tutorials and you should find the class posted there on Mon Nov 7. I plan to be available for questions at 11 am central time.