Saturday, May 5, 2012

Had A Not So Great Day

I have done some dumb things in my life but today was just one of those days! I went to back out at Walmart and had a large vehicle beside us. As I backed out slowly we heard a thud! My DH said you hit someone! I pulled back into the parking spot quickly. I had backed into a small black car that I hadn't even seen!
We bought a new 2012 Grand Caravan van in Feb. It is large and high and this car's roof was just the same height as the solid part of our rear door on the van!!  

So of course we had to call the police and insurance agent and the young man who was driving the car was so sweet. I think he was about 18 or maybe 20.  He was there on an errand for his job. He cooks at the local Casey's gas/groc. He called in to tell them he would be awhile and he was still on the clock getting paid for standing there so he was alright about it all.  He was saying things like this kind of thing happens!
I still felt really bad about it all.

Then when we were done we went on to pick up my grandson and my daughter asked me to drop my granddaughter off so she could spend the night with a friend, Only Sara never told me where to meet the mom. We were to meet at a local park where there is a small restaurant and there are many places you can fish from the river right there. So we get there and I have no idea what color the car is or where we are to meet. AND neither my cell phone or my DHs cell phone would pick up service.
So I walked up to the busy little restaurant and finally after a bit of hassle from a waitress borrowed their phone and called my DD and got the info I needed.  We found the mom and delivered my granddaughter. Zach my grandson smelled the food and wanted to eat there. My DH didn't want to. So I decided to order and take it home. but when I went into the little restaurant they were really busy. One of my pet peeves is to be ignored in a place of business. 3 of the waitresses were filling tea and making new coffee and such in front of me. I had sat down at the counter hoping to order and get done as quick as possible. I knew they were busy but not ONE of those ladies looked at me or said anything. No "be with you in a minute" or even a smile!! I hate being treated that way. After waiting for a few mins  a differant waitress came over and asked if I had been helped. Saying no she offered to take my order. Just then I heard the cook say they were out of french fries. This was the reason I came in was to get Zach french fries. He is autistic and will only eat certain things. So I thought I would order some chicken nuggets for him at least but when I asked how long she said it would be 45 mins to an hour!!! I thanked her and got up and left!! Just NOT my day!!

We ended up taking Zach to a gas station close to home that has a grill. He had 2 hamburger patties and 2 orders of fries(small orders) and he was happy as a clam. So was I since I didn't have to cook supper after all!!

Such is life in my world I guess!!