Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Monday Monday

Here we are  on a Monday again! It is beautiful out today after having a couple of dreary rainy days. I so wish we could keep more of these nice days! I would be just as happy as a clam(however happy that is! LOL) if we didn't have any snow til after the new year!! It could even wait til March and snow once and get deep cold enough to kill all the bugs and then be all over! Go right into spring!!

Well time is marching on! We turn back the clocks this next weekend. So we get to snooze another hour! Yeah!  Tho I get up whenever unless I have grandkids here.

I haven't actually done any sewing for so long! I have been taking care of my quilt block swap and the Second Sampler Quilt Along I started on the Quilting Board 3 weeks ago. I post a new original designed by me quilt block  every  Friday on the Quilting Board and on the Quilting Haven. So if you miss it in one you can find it in the other forum.

I have been taking names for a sign up for a new class on the Quilting Board that  I will be teaching on how to use your Electric Quilt software. It will begin on Monday Nov 7 and I will be available for discussion at 11 am central time. The classes will continue but as of now I'm not sure which days and how often.
The classes will remain on the Board and you can see them whenever you have time.

My dryer decided it doesn't want to heat anymore so I called a repairman and he said it was the thermal fuse so I called and ordered the part, The first one that came in wasn't the right one. So we ordered again. Brought the fuse home and put it is but it wasnt' the problem! So I am now waiting on a differant repairman to come and look at it. I sure hope he comes and fixes it soon!

We had to have our faucet in the kitchen sink replaced and I got an old fashioned looking one and I love it! We also don't leak anymore!! Yeah!!!

Hoping and wishing you all have Sunshine and Laughter to brighten your day!!