Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rhonda's 2nd Boston Block Hotpad - Part 5 -Finishing the Hotpad

Okay now we are ready to finish the hotpad.

At this point you can choose to quilt the hotpad and add a binding.
I don't like bindings so I use the pillowcase method or the birthing method.

Place your top face down on the backing(face up)

Trim the backing to match the front. Pin the top and backing together

Lay the top on the batting and cut out 2 layers slightly larger than your top

Make sure you put the top against the batting. It makes it easier to sew. No seams to catch on the needle this way

Pin the top to the batting and trim the batting

If you want to use a loop you can add it now. Find the middle of one side and sew on the loop. I fold it in half and sew the two raw edges together. then sew it to the edge of the hotpad. I use a shoestring for the loop.

I like to baste the border to the batting so when you turn the hotpad right side out the batting won't seperate

Now sew around the hotpad. I leave an opening about 2" or so to turn the hotpad through

Turn you hotpad right side out. Use a turning tool to poke out the corners.

Set the bottom right edge under the needle and lower the needle down onto the fabric. I hold the other edge so the fabric is pulled taut and I use my scissors to tuck the material in the opening til the opening is even with the sewn edge Then sew along that edge catching the opening in the seam

I sew all the way around the hotpad. Here you can see the finish seam along the edge

If I don't get the opening closed well enough I use a needle and thread and sew it shut using a blind stitch. I sink the knot on the inside at one end of the opening

Then you slide the needle through the folded edge and come up about 1/2" and switch over to the other side and slide the needle through that side.

Continue alternating between both sides til you get to the end. Then I sew back the other way for a stitch or two to lock the thread

Here is my closed opening using a blind stitch

I like to spray the hotpad with Magic Sizing. I spray it well so it will stiffen. Iron it dry.

Here is my finished hotpad~

Hope you enjoyed following along on how I make my hotpads.

  If you want to use insulbrite you surely can. Just use it as the backing or you can put it in the middle between the batting.