Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm looking forward to my friend Judy from the Quilting Haven to come today to stay for a couple of days. We have never met in person so this will be alot of fun!  We are going to meet up with another member tomarrow morning and go check out some local quilt shops none of us has ever been to. Then we are headed to Kalona Iowa so I can show them my favorite quilt shops there. Also we plan to stop and see the quilt museum in Kalona too. I used to sell my stuff to a local gift shop in Kalona for 12 yrs but I have never taken the time to stop at the museum. So this will be a first for me too!

I should have lots of pics to show you all when we get back.

Well back to my cleaning. Having company means I have to stop ignoring the dirt and clean it!!! LOL

Wishing you all sunshine and laughter today!!  Rhonda