Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Retreat at MSQC

I am hosting a retreat at the Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton Mo. 

June 11 - 14th

The prices are $69 for a twin bed and $119 for a queen. 
There is sleeping space for 38 but only sewing space for 33. does not make sense to me LOL

I will be teaching a class on my shortcut methods. I will walk you through the process and have you make a quilt block. How many we make depends on the time and interest. 

I will also teach my Dresden Kaleidoscope method. You will make your own DKs. But I warn you it is addictive! LOL

I'd be happy to do a one on one session with anyone who'd like to.

So bring your sewing machines and assorted tools and come join the fun!!

There is a full kitchen we can use. I thought we'd make some meals and maybe go out for one or two. I'm not real sure what is available. 
Anyone who wants to bring your own food just make sure to mark yours.

There are two rooms downstairs and the rest of the rooms are upstairs. There are about 15 steps to get upstairs. The rooms hold 3 twin in one room 4 twins in another room 2 queen in one room etc.  

I will provide a spaghetti supper and at least one other meal. 

Anything else I should nail down?  Any questions?

For those who don't know Missouri Star Quilt Co is in Hamilton Missouri