Sunday, January 1, 2012


I have been writing lessons for our members on Quilting Board so they can learn to use their Electric Quilt software. While playing with the patchdraw tools I have fallen in love with these features! It is soooooo much fun to play with the tools. There are shapes you can put into the block and then a bezier tool that you can move the lines all over any way you want to. I have had a blast creating  some unique quilt blocks. Whether I ever make them into a real quilt block I don't know yet. But the drawing is an unqualified success!!

I was feeling down and stressed and I went back on my EQ and played with the patchdraw and had a good time so I felt back to my usual self again when I got done. But I have a hard time quitting. It is addictive! The possibilities are endless. You can stay pretty traditional to applique or you can go more modern with twisted lines and interlocking shapes and wild colors. Once you get your applique figured out or your drawing you can turn it into a stencil to use to quilt your quilt with or you can make your quilt block into templates to make it an applique piece.

Soooo much fun!!!!

Here is the link to the classes. I have Week 8 posted which is the one for the Patchdraw and tonight I am posting the second half of the Patchdraw.  You should always be able to find the classes here as long as I remember to tag them! LOL I did forget a time or two. But I usually get a reminder from someone. So if you don't see it at first check back again later. You can always search for them too or check in tutorials on QB

          Electric Quilt Classes

Here are my Quilt Blocks I have been playing with in PatchDraw