Friday, September 16, 2011

Hectic Day!

Today has been a hectic day! I am used to a quiet household and/or when the kids are here they are able to take care of themselves. When I have had baby Colton before he was containable. Now he is crawling and walking around things and refuses to be contained for long! LOL  It was a constant making sure he hadn't found something to put in his mouth that he wasn't supposed to have! I vacuumed my floor and swept with a broom and then swept twice with a swiffer broom He still found things I somehow missed!! But he is a love! I was holding him and he turned and grinned at me and planted a big wet sloppy puppy kiss on my cheek! I loved it! He will be 9 mos tomarrow.  So I have Colton and his twin brothers Daymon and Devon who are 7 and their cousin - my daughter's daughter- Rachel who is 9.  She has to take shots for Russel Silvers Syndrome (RSS )
and I hate to give shots!! But I struggled through it. She knows exactly what to do and did all of it but putting the needle in her arm. RSS is a growth disorder and the shots are hormone shots to help her grow. She will never be more than 4 ft 8" and that is probably more than she will get to.

Anyway here are some pics we took last night and today
Colton dusting with a sock! LOL

Devon and Colton hiding

Big Brother Devon and Colton

Me and Colton

Of course I am not getting much done but keep up with the kids! Especially Colton. He is almost walking so I wouldn't be surprised to see him walking by the time we see him next month.

Have a good evening everyone!    Rhonda