Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Day Today

I usually keep grandkids on the weekends. But I was sick this last weekend and so I cancelled having the kids come. I thought I had the rest of this week til Fri without kids and I could get my house organized(I have been reorganizing and cleaning) and get some stuff done that you can't really do when kids are underfoot.
So I get a call this morning would I go get Zachary for today and tomarrow. Zach is my autistic grandson and my DDs only care giver for him when she needs something. so I go get Mr. Zach from school. He is autistic and when his schedule is interrupted it can cause problems. But he loves to come to our house as he gets one on one with Papa and me. He also gets away from his sister and brother and our house is quiet compared to their house! LOL  I keep a laptop hooked up to a printer for the kids and he regards it as his when he is here. He loves to print off pictures and then draw stories around them putting himself or his mom and siblings in the picture. So he is here now and having a great time laying on the floor drawing on his printed pictures! LOL

The need my DD had is her FIL has a terminal disease. He has Fibrosis in the lungs and it is getting progressively worse. He has been on borrowed time for quite awhile now. So he is in the hosp and DD had to be there. They all rely on her to get things done that need done. So she does all the insurance stuff and helps her MIL to be where she needs to be and is her DHs support system. My SIL Zach's dad is a Chiropractor and they live above the clinic. Her FIL has been working the office in the clinic and when he can't then DD works there. Her FIL hasn't really been able to work in the office much for some time now. So DD is a bit stretched thin at times. She also has 2 other kids with health issues that make daily life interesting. She is also the leader of her DD Rachel's girl scout troupe as well as the troupe leader for Zach's and his brother Joey's boy scout troupe. She is a busy lady!!

So when she needs me I try to be there. I keep Zachary two weekends a month anyway because I am his respite care worker for the Gov waiver he is on. It pays me to be his care giver. So we have him alot each month anyway.

LOL When he found out he wasn't going to go back to school tomarrow but stay with me he asked me if he was going to live with us now?  LOL  I think his being here during the middle of the week confused him! *Grin*

From Zach and I we wish you all sunshine and laughter!!