Sunday, November 6, 2011

Catherine -- Bostons and HSTs

Here is the Quilt Block I posted on the Sampler Quilt Along last Fri. Her name is Catherine. She is a 12 1/2" quilt block made with my Boston Blocks and HSTs(Half Square Triangles)

           And here is the layout so you can see how she goes together


EQ Classes

I got my EQ7 on Thurs just like the gal at EQ said and I was really happy!! I also got the template plastic I had been waiting on when I picked up my mail. Then later in the day the envelopes for sending out the templates was delivered to my door so I had a good day that day!! Everything I was waiting on arrived in good time!

Today I am writing my EQ class for tomarrow. It is the first one so I hope it goes well. Around 300 people are interested in following the class. Wow didn't expect that many! but I do know alot of people struggle with it.

In my opinion it is one of those things that once you kn w how to do it- it is alot easier than you thought it would be. It is just alot of information to absorb. I am not impressed with the manual for EQ7. The writer seems to take for granted that everyone knows alot more than he should assume. I can see why everyone gets confused with the manual. It is not very straight forward. And they use terms that don't mean much to me. I am a hands on trial and error gal. I learn so much better by just jumping in and trying it. If it works great if it doesn't then I go looking for info to clear up the problem. Works for me! LOL

The EQ Classes will be on Mondays on the Quilting Board site

And on Weds you can find them on the Quilting Haven

Hope you all have a Blessed Sunday and May God Bless You and Keep You in the Palm of His Hand Today and Always!!
Jesus loves you and cares about  you and so do I!