Friday, June 23, 2017

Good morning everyone!  It has been pretty nice out weather wise here in Iowa with a few thunderstorms occasionally lately but mostly nice sunny days.

Hope you're all enjoying your summer!  I had hoped to have my 4 younger grands come and stay but everyone is so busy!! Rachel is 15 and in driver's ed and babysitting and starting cheerleading practice soon! always on the go. The twin boys Daymon and Devon(13) have been in some sport I've forgotten which one now LOL my memory is not as good as it used to be! and they are busy doing summer things like going to the pool with their little brother Colton(6).

Two of my older grandsons came and pulled up my old tile and put down new press on tile in my living room for a new look that I just love!  Tyler is going to build in a closet for me when he has time.
We bought the wood and he has it cut but now just needs to find time to build it in. I finally have my furniture moved where I want ti and have a space(where the closet will go) to put all the boxes of stuff that has been sitting on the floor in the living room. Now you can actually see my floor again!! LOL  We always collect so much junk!! I really need to sort and get rid of some of it. I'll be so happy when the closet is done and I can put all of this behind doors where noone can see my mess.

I haven't been sewing for quite awhile but I have been designing. I posted my Morrocan Stars tablerunner the other day. Now I'm working the Sunshine Stars tablerunner. the pattern only needs the cutting directions finished and it will be ready to post for a free download soon. I have three more tablerunners in progress and will hopefully have them available soon also. It seems tablerunners are popular these days!

Here is my Sunshine Stars tablerunner.

I hope to have the other tablerunners available  soon.

Boston Braid tablerunner

 Autumn Glory tablerunner

China Rose Tablerunner

So check back and I'll post here as soon as they are ready!
They will be a free download on my website.

Wishing you Sunsine and Laughter!!  Rhonda 😊

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Free Morrocan Stars Tablerunner pattern

I've been working on Tablerunner patterns lately and here is my first pattern ready to offer.

This tablerunner uses my Star Point Blocks. The directions are included in this pattern. It's free for your use any way you like except I'd prefer you not try to sell the pattern. Copy and share it all you like!

Any feedback would be appreciated. If you find any mistakes or have any thoughts on improving the pattern let me know!  

you can download this pattern here

I'd love to see pictures if you make this tablerunner. I'd be happy to post pics that are sent to me. My email is

Wishing you all Sunshine and Laughter!!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

March BOM

Since last Sept I have been sharing my quilt block designs for a BOM on a group I belong to on Facebook. It is called Life's a Quilt. This is a fantastic active group that has lots of projects to join in on and lots of great quilters to meet and get to know.

Here is one of my BOMs that I posted on March 6th. I designed this one just for the Life's group BOM.

                 This one uses my Triple Strip shortcut method.

                               Times Square quilt block

Here you can see the individual blocks and how they are placed
To make this quilt block just refer to the tutorial for my Triple Strip shortcut blocks and then make them in the colors you see here. Make sure you place the individual blocks in the direction you see them in the layout pic here.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Good Morning everyone!

It's a beautiful foggy wet somewhat warm day in SE Iowa today!
I'll take that over 6 ft of snow and or ice any day! LOL

Hope you are getting some good quilty time today!

Thought I'd share some things with you today.
I began a new group on FB recently called Rhonda's Shortcuts.
I am offering tips and tricks and free patterns on there. I have
added several tutorials to the files that you are welcome to use
any way you like except selling them.

       Here is the tablerunner I posted on there.
   I'd post the PDF here but I don't see a way to do that.
If you aren't on FB and would like to have the PDF just
email me at and I'll be happy to
send it to you.

Wishing you Sunshine and Laughter and Warm Weather!!