Monday, June 23, 2014

I developed some shortcut piecing methods I called the Cut Down Method.  Well I didn't think that was a very interesting name but couldn't come up with anything better. so Now I have.

I am now calling my cut down method -- Piece & Cut Method 

You see the process involves cutting fabric pieces and sewing them together and then cutting out the center with a template. It makes piecing quick and easy. and it also makes it possible to make minis without handling tiny scraps of fabric. You can use this method with a 1 1/2" template or a 4" or larger template if you wish. The method is easily adjustable.

Because you can make pieced squares with the seams already in the square this allows me to design some awesome quilt blocks that can be made easily with my P & C method!!

I have developed 8 different "Pieced Blocks" using this P & C Method.

Boston Blocks        Star Point Blocks      Kansas Dugout Blocks
Wings Blocks         Half Square Blocks   Drunkard's Path Blocks
4 Patch Squares      4 Patch Triangles    

I also use this method to do Bear's Paw and Trip around the World.

There are lots and lots of traditional quilt blocks that can be made using my designs.
One quilt block I have done a tutorial on to show how to do it my way is the Card Trick. It can be done with my Boston Blocks and one 4 Patch Square for the middle.

I use a 2 1/2" template or a 3 1/2" template to make a 12 1/2" unfinished quilt block.
I also offer many free original designs using my shortcut blocks.

I have many free tutorials using my methods that are free to copy off.

You can find my tutorials on my websites - I am still updating and adding to them so they are still in progress. I will be getting all of my stuff on there eventually LOL as I have time. Rt now they are spread over two quilt forums and two blogs.  My goal is to have them all in one place.  This will be my all in one place site. I do have quite abit on it now but will have it all on there soon.  My patchwork gift items are offered here as well as my acrylic templates. I have ebooks on my Boston Blocks / Star Point Blocks/ Wings blocks / and my Dresden Kaleidoscope Blocks available here as well.  This one is going to be my site for news and updates and anything I want to highlight. I am also thinking of doing some online classes here.

I also have written 23 lessons on using the EQ software programs. Electric Quilt Sofware. This is on EQ5  EQ6 and EQ7.

So if you are interested check out what I have to offer on my sites.

                                                                 Boston Block process

                                                                       Boston Block

Some Quilt Blocks made with my Boston Blocks
If you'd like to see how to make these quilt blocks just visit my Patchwork by Rhonda site


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mini Tablerunner

I'm going to try to keep up with my blogs a bit better I hope.
Thought I'd share a pic of my mini tablerunner I'm working on. I got the top finished last night and now I just need to back it and quilt it. I use the birthing method since I don't like to use binding. It does make it a bit harder to quilt it down tho. I only know how to do STID so it will be fine I'm sure.

This tablerunner unfinished measures 9" by 17" so will probably finish at 8 1/2" x 16 1/2" 

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Quilt Block - Jemima

Hmmm I guess I got busy and didn't get back here as often as I had planned.

Today I'm going to share another quilt block. This one is made with Half Square Triangles.
You can see my HST directions for my method in the tab above here.

This is my own original design as far as I know.


                                     Here you can see how to set the HSTs so you get the design.
                                     Be sure to use the same value of colors as I did or you will get
                                        a totally different look.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Quilt Block - Verna

Hello everyone!  We are all so looking forward to spring! It won't be long now! We changed time today so we are getting closer to some wonderfully warm weather again!!

I am going to start posting some of my quilt block designs with directions so I can share some of my favorite designs.  All of my designs use my shortcut block methods so you will need to learn how to make them.

 This week I am going to share one of my Sampler quilt blocks. This is my original design.
 I have a hard time naming quilts and quilt blocks so I chose to use old fashioned ladies names for these quilt blocks!!  You are free to use this design any way you like. I would hope tho that you credit me as the designer.

  My first block I created I called my Boston Block. It is one element in the Boston Star quilt block. This unit is so much fun to use to create lots of great easy to make designs.
You can see the directions for this "Block" above in the pages.

  I use a 6 x 6 grid mostly. this means there are 6 rows with 6 blocks in each row. or 36 "blocks" or pieced squares in the design.

                                          Verna  - named after my grandma

This is the layout of the pieced square units. 
6 rows of 6 "blocks" or units
Just make the boston blocks and half square triangles in the colors needed. Make sure you pay attention to which side the red needs to be on in the Boston Blocks

18 White/green hsts   
 8 Red/blue  hsts      
2 White/blue hsts   

      4 Bostons with the red on the right   
 4 Bostons with the red on the left

If you have any  questions feel free to contact me  thanks Rhonda Woodsmall