Wednesday, January 20, 2016

December 2015 BOM

December BOM

Here is my original Quilt block for this month.

Again I am using a Drunkard's Path block to make this one.

Refer to my previous post for the Drunkard's Path block directions.

Once you learn to make the Drunkard's path block then make as many as you need in the colors you need to make this quilt block.

Here you can see the individual blocks and how they need to lay in the pattern. You also need to make sure you get the right colors in the right places. this one is easy for that as it is only 2 colors. 

Here I changed the red to yellow for a different look. Basically the contrast in the red/blue was dark/light and I flipped it in the yellow to light/ dark. I like strong contrast because it brings out the design. If you want the background to show up then put your dark in the background. when you put the dark in the half circles that makes them jump out at you creating a different design.

Here are some quilt ideas. I only changed the colors I did not turn any of the blocks. 

Hope you enjoy these designs! Use them any way you like. I have no restrictions on their use. thanks Rhonda

Saturday, January 16, 2016

November 2015 BOM

November 2016 BOM

Here is this month's Bom
of course it is my original design.

This one uses my version of a Drunkard's Path block

Here are my directions for making a Drunkard's Path block my way

I don't give you a size of template because you can use any size template you want. 

 1 1/2" for a 4 1/2" quilt block. 
2 1/2" for a 8 1/2" quilt block
3 1/2" for a 12 1/2" quilt block

First you make a flat yoyo. I use a circle at least 1/4" larger than the cardboard circle. then baste a thread around the edge. Draw the thread up so it is tight around the cardboard circle. Leave the thread at least 3" long. You can snip off the needle but not the thread yet. Spray with Sizing thoroughly on both sides and iron heavily. then let dry overnight or at least for several hours. Once it is dry then pull the yoyo open and remove the cardboard circle. gently pull the thread until the circle is back in it's shape. Now you can trim the thread off. 

Then sew the yoyo onto a background square. I set the yoyo under my needle and sew it slowly as I turn it with my right hand. This is the only curved sewing. 
Now follow the diagram below and cut the square into 4 sections. Trim the excess off on the back side. Using a template and rotary cutter cut out the square. Iron your block. 

So now you just have to make as many as you need in the colors that you need. 

I do offer one template for free. Send me you postal address and the size of template you would like to have. These have to go through the regular mail so no I can't send it by email. 


Here are some quilt suggestions. I only changed colors I didn't change the basic quilt block. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

October 2015 BOM

Playing catch  up here! I am so slow to get things done!! Too much playing games online LOL I am so bad about procrastinating!!

So here is my October BOM only almost 3 months late posting LOL

              This one uses HSTs and Boston  Blocks. you can find my Boston Block directions above in the tabs.

      You will need a 3 1/2" template to make this block 12 1/2" in size. if you dont' have a template I will send you one for free. Just send me your postal address to and let me know the size of template you are asking for.

 You can make it any size  you like. Just use a diff size template to change the size of the quilt block.   Thanks!! Rhonda


Merry Christmas 2015

well I did get all of my Christmas decorations out and I reorganized all my bins. I sorted out all the stuff I"ve hung on to for years but don't really care about. I freed up 6 bins!! Yeah me! but then I filled those bins up with my decorating items like my Chicken collection and my mini sewing machine collection etc.  I freed up some storage room in my closet where I keep my Christmas bins. now I had room to store some of my collections that I had no where to put. So I'm feeling good that I accomplished that task!

We had a great time at my son's on Christmas eve day. We had all of my family in one place this year. It's the only time of the year we can get everyone together. There are 26 of us! Our kids and grandkids and great grandkids and grand inlaws. Then we also have our daughter in law's dad and his girlfriend and my daughter's mother in law also. So we had a total of 29 people in one house LOL  My son has a good size house so we all had a great time. Lots of food and good conversation. We have several little ones and that makes it fun also. Sky is 1 Renny is 4 Colton is 5 Adrianna is 6 Jayden is 7 Alisha is 10 our twin grandsons are 12 Granddaughter Rachel is 13 Zach is 15 Joey 17  Jake is 17 and then the older 3 grandkids are in their 20s and two are married. so I am always amazed at how blessed this only child is with all this family!

 Picture of our whole family. First time we've ever had a pic with all of us!

   Unfortunately Joey is only half there on the left side and Renny is only half there on the right side.


Our daughter Sara and her family

Our son Nathan and his family

Our youngest son Glen and his family

Well that's my family!  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

Wishing you a Happy New Year with lots of laughter and sunshine!!  Rhonda