Monday, August 7, 2017

What a Whirl BOM

Here is my newest BOM. I posted this on the Life's a Quilt group on Facebook.
You will see mention of the Life's A Quilt group in the PDF but ignore that. You can find the shortcut block directions here on my blog or on my website.

                                 It is now available on my website as well.

                                          What a Whirl Quilt Block

                  And this is the quilt you'd get if you sew 4 of these blocks together


I always add some variations of the quilt block and related quilts

and the third color block 

                    So you can find the other two quilts in the PDF I posted on my                                website  -

           If you have any questions or need any help just let me know.
                      email me @

Sunday, July 9, 2017

New Header Photo

I've updated the look of my blog. so you can see some of the BOMs I've been designing for the Life's a Quilt group on FB. If you'd like to get the free download for these you can find them on my website  I'm still working on adding them to my website tho.

or you can join my FB group Rhonda's Shortcuts group.
I have all of them listed in the files in this group.

I'm also working on updating my shortcut block directions also.

If you need any help just let me know!  Rhonda

Friday, June 30, 2017

Stars Upon Stars Quilt Block

I bought my EQ5 in 2006. In that time til now I have created alot of quilt blocks! They all use my shortcut blocs.

You can find the shortcut blocks here
click on the Shortcut blocks tab at the top of the page to see all of the different blocks directions.
                                         Stars Upon Stars

This quilt block is made using 
my Star Point Shortcut Blocks.
Here is the layout so you 
can see where the blocks lay 
and how the colors are placed. 

                             Here you can see the 4 blocks
                              that go together to make up
                              the top right 4 patch and the
                              bottom left 4 patch.
                                dark pink in two corners
                              and here you see the 4 blocks
                             that go together for the top left
                             4 patch and the bottom right
                             4 patch

                                 light pink in  two corners

                To make this quilt block you will need a template.      
                  It's best to have an acrylic(hard plastic) square.

                     You can make this quilt block into a 12 1/2"
                     quilt block if you use a 3 1/2" template.

                However you can use any size template to make it
                 any size you like.

                Refer back to the shortcut block directions to make
                the Star Point Blocks.

                If you have any questions or need help you can
                 send me a message here or use my email address


Thursday, June 29, 2017

As you may or may not know I do a lot of designing quilt blocks in my Eq program - Electric Quilt software. I love mine! I spend way too many hours in there. I can get lost for hours.

Here lately I am having fun designing tablerunners. Which could also be used as wall hangings depending on the size you make it. 

I turned my favorite bookmark pattern into a tablerunner. Haven't written a pattern yet but it won't be very complicated LOL A friend of mine said you know the quilt block doesn't have to be 12 1/2" - I've always aimed for that size as a general rule. so I took her advice and here is my Boston Braid Tablerunner. I'm debating on the size the blocks should be. 8" would make it 16" x 56" without borders. Course you could use 7 blocks as I did or you could use 5 or 6 to make it not so long. These are boston blocks. the color and placement gives you the braid look. 

Name:  Boston Braid Tablerunner400.jpg
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This is another bookmark pattern I used alot. I love how it looks in a tablerunner. 

Name:  Chess Pawns Tablerunner 400.jpg
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I spend wayyy too much time in my EQ playing LOL

I have more patterns in the works!!