Sunday, March 9, 2014

Quilt Block - Verna

Hello everyone!  We are all so looking forward to spring! It won't be long now! We changed time today so we are getting closer to some wonderfully warm weather again!!

I am going to start posting some of my quilt block designs with directions so I can share some of my favorite designs.  All of my designs use my shortcut block methods so you will need to learn how to make them.

 This week I am going to share one of my Sampler quilt blocks. This is my original design.
 I have a hard time naming quilts and quilt blocks so I chose to use old fashioned ladies names for these quilt blocks!!  You are free to use this design any way you like. I would hope tho that you credit me as the designer.

  My first block I created I called my Boston Block. It is one element in the Boston Star quilt block. This unit is so much fun to use to create lots of great easy to make designs.
You can see the directions for this "Block" above in the pages.

  I use a 6 x 6 grid mostly. this means there are 6 rows with 6 blocks in each row. or 36 "blocks" or pieced squares in the design.

                                          Verna  - named after my grandma

This is the layout of the pieced square units. 
6 rows of 6 "blocks" or units
Just make the boston blocks and half square triangles in the colors needed. Make sure you pay attention to which side the red needs to be on in the Boston Blocks

18 White/green hsts   
 8 Red/blue  hsts      
2 White/blue hsts   

      4 Bostons with the red on the right   
 4 Bostons with the red on the left

If you have any  questions feel free to contact me  thanks Rhonda Woodsmall

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hope everyone is having lots of quilting time!  I've been working on more patterns. I agreed to have some patterns ready for the Iowa Shop Hop in June. I'm also working on a presentation I am going to do for a quilt retreat the first of May.

The presentation is on Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice. I will post the lesson here when it is done.
In the mean time I'm having fun working on putting some poster boards together to show the steps.

I teach my shortcut methods which save you time and effort and little math. so I offered to show how I would do Bonnie's Celtic Solstice using my methods.

Here are the fabrics I decided to use.

And this is the pattern -  Bonnie's Celtic Solstice 

This is my version -  My EQ  pic using the colors I chose

As I get this lesson ready I will share with you my progress on this.  
You can find Bonnie's directions here -

I enjoy showing how you can take a traditional quilt and use my shortcuts to make it quicker and easier to make.  I don't like to do anymore math than I have to and I am easily bored LOL so I want it to be quick!  

So check back and I hope to show some progress on this soon!! 

Wishing you all Sunshine and Laughter!!    

Monday, January 27, 2014

Here is a quilting poem I wrote  Hope you enjoy it!

                                                Quilting quilting as we go
                                                Where it ends we do not know
                                                One day we started and
                                                Now we can't stop!

                                                One bright fabric I see
                                                then there were three
                                                Oh me oh my I believe
                                                They are calling to me!!!!

                                                 I shopped and hopped
                                                 til I hopped no more
                                                 I'm done! I declared
                                                 As I lay on the floor!
                                                But one more fabric
                                                Beckoned me more!
                                                I wished and wished
                                                As I went out the door!

                                                For just one more sale
                                                Which should be my last!
                                                But I guess the quilt pixies
                                                Had to have the last laugh!

                                                I saw blues and reds
                                                and yellows galore
                                                They had browns and greens
                                                That filled the store!

                                                Colors danced and cavorted
                                                Round my poor head
                                                as I stared at the racks
                                                filled with quilts for my bed!

                                                Plaids and Cottons and
                                                Batiks by the bolt!
                                                Stacks of Homespun that
                                                Gave me a jolt!

                                                I needed them all
                                                but my money was low
                                                I hoped and I hoped
                                                for a sale don't ya know!

                                                From the corner of my eye
                                                I spied the very thing!
                                                A 50 per cent off sale!
                                                Yes! Now I can sing!!

                                                I get to buy some
                                                Of all of those prettys
                                                Now to go home and
                                                Make quilts for my Kiddies!

                                                Oh My! Happy days!
                                                I will be able to say!
                                                It won't be my last!
                                                But I had a great day!

Monday, December 9, 2013

These are some of the items I have been making for my Etsy store and my online store. You can find them here:

Hotpads                            Bookmarks
                                 Mugrugs                                   Pincushions

                                         Clutch Bag