Thursday, July 30, 2015

August 2015 BOM

This Bom uses my squares 4 patch block and my triangles 4 patch blocks.  These are easy to make.

In the directions I used large size squares but you can use squares of any size depending on the size of template you use. I also have made these with sewing strips together and cutting off sections just the size I need to make the 4 patches. I do still prefer to cut them slightly larger and then trim down with the template for more accuracy.

You can find the directions for making the 4 patch blocks with my piece & cut method here--

After you learn to make the 4 patch blocks then
look at this layout and see where the colors are 
and how to place the blocks to get this design. 


Now sew the blocks together into this quilt block. 

Hope you enjoy the process!!  Rhonda