Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hope everyone is having lots of quilting time!  I've been working on more patterns. I agreed to have some patterns ready for the Iowa Shop Hop in June. I'm also working on a presentation I am going to do for a quilt retreat the first of May.

The presentation is on Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice. I will post the lesson here when it is done.
In the mean time I'm having fun working on putting some poster boards together to show the steps.

I teach my shortcut methods which save you time and effort and little math. so I offered to show how I would do Bonnie's Celtic Solstice using my methods.

Here are the fabrics I decided to use.

And this is the pattern -  Bonnie's Celtic Solstice 

This is my version -  My EQ  pic using the colors I chose

As I get this lesson ready I will share with you my progress on this.  
You can find Bonnie's directions here -

I enjoy showing how you can take a traditional quilt and use my shortcuts to make it quicker and easier to make.  I don't like to do anymore math than I have to and I am easily bored LOL so I want it to be quick!  

So check back and I hope to show some progress on this soon!! 

Wishing you all Sunshine and Laughter!!